Ein Zine für Werner | Leon Lukas Plum

Ein Zine für Werner

A Zine for Werner

“Exkursionsflora’s” sheer extensiveness allows a vague insight into the tremendous effort it took to compose this piece of research. It sparks interest in its creator who, for the purpose of the highest possible level of objectivity, tried to obliterate himself in his work – only the name on the front cover and the marginal preface indicate the author Werner Rothmaler. But: Who was he?

The only exhaustive text on Rothmaler’s life is his funeral eulogy, perhaps ten pages long. In this zine, it is being reprinted and interwoven with short notes on the development of “Exkursionsflora”.

117 × 187 mm

16 Pages

Offset Printing

100 Copies

Course “Der Blumenstrauß” (Bauhaus University Weimar)

Summer Semester 2016

Supervised by Anna Teuber, B.A. and Enno Pötschke, B.A.

Ein Zine für Werner
Ein Zine für Werner
Ein Zine für Werner